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August 4-6, 2017

Welcome, my sweets, to the sweetest event of them all: Sweet Molasses Blues!

Pricing Details:

***Treat your passes like theater tickets - NO REFUNDS. Exchanges will be honored. To exchange, please contact us with your name and the name of the person purchasing your pass. You are responsible for the exchange of money.***

This year Sweet Molasses Blues is moving towards a sliding scale pricing system! This means that you are encouraged to pay for the highest price that you are able to.

Super Community supporter price          

$195 This pass will go a long way towards helping fund dancers who need financial assistance in order to attend the event

Community supporter price                     

$170 This pass will help fund dancers who need financial assistance in order to attend the event

Standard price                     

$155 This pass is the break-even price for the event. The organizers will break even if every attendee purchases this pass.

Subsidized discount price    

$120 This pass offers a subsidized discount for dancers who need financial assistance in order to attend the event

We want to make this event financially accessible for everyone, and we need your help. By paying a bit more, your generosity allows for more people to come and dance with us! Please take a moment to consider paying the highest price that you can afford for the 2017 edition of Sweet Molasses Blues. You'll make for a happy community of grateful dancers!

You can also support your blues community by registering as soon as you are able!

Registering early helps our organizers plan, make deposits on venues, and keep everything running smoothly months before the event kicks off.

Dance passes and a la carte dances will become available at a later date!

Still have questions? Make sure to check out our website, RSVP to the event, and like our FB Group for all the details! Or contact us here.

Sweet Molasses Blues 2017

Who's coming?!

Name City
Amy Blank Brighton, MA
Casmira Brazaitis Dundee,
Joshua Brody Somerville, MA
Melissa S. Cohen Rego Park, NY
Irina Degtiar Roxbury Crossing, MA
Nick DeWitt Austin, TX
Katy Elder Rochester, NY
Sarah Elise Somerville, MA
Jessica Goethe Moore, SC
Peter Hetherington London, London
Olga Huber Macedon, NY
Virginia Jimenez New York, New York
Grace Jones-Taylor Austin, TX
Lori Lepak Ithaca, NY
Paul Loschak Somerville, MA
Cindy (Cindiasaurus Rex) Lyons St Louis, FL
Emily Nybo atlanta, GA
Meliss Pritchard portland, Me
Forrest Rogers-Marcovitz Cambridge, MA
RL Sarafconn Waltham, MA
Sydney Schiff Ann Arbor, MI
Mireille Schnitzer Montreal, QC
Joey Science Cambridge, Massachusetts (MA)
Nieke van den Bedem Delft,
Galit Weinfeld New York, NY
Hugh Wimberly San Francisco, CA
Laura Wood CHICAGO, IL
Julie Woods Somerville, MA
Randy Zingo Rochester, NEW YORK

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